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Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Jul 3

About Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is a place where visitors can explore Australia’s unique flora and fauna as well as enjoy the many green spaces. They have an expansive system of trails, which allow them to offer something for everyone whether you are looking for some quick peace or want more active exploration with your family members on this fine day out! 
The gardens were established in 1873 after two years following Sydney by SMS arrival ship - so it's not surprising that they boast some very old trees indeed; however what makes their location truly special? Well not only do we find ourselves nestled between mountains at one end but also close by to beaches.

Over 14 hectares there are plenty of places for visitors who want some quality time outdoors or just need their minds relaxed while they explore what this historic site offers them. Whether it be by taking an interest-based walk according to personal interests or sitting down with friends over breakfast at one of our restaurants inside The Herbarium building which also houses New South Wales' first museum about trees (the Subantarctic House).


What to do in Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Join one of our friendly guides for a 50-minute tour and get insight into the stories behind this great place! The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is excited to offer small group walking tours. Departing each day at 11 am, they'll take you through some highlights while providing information about how we preserve unique species in Tasmania

If you're looking for a gift that will grow with the recipient, look no further than our Botanical Shop. We have many Tasmanian-made products to choose from and they make great gifts not only this year but every other too! You'll find an heirloom seed wall featuring beautiful flowers as well as veggies perfect for growing at home or giving away.  Just select some seeds which catch your fancy then come on down anytime before 11 am tomorrow morning when we finish up today's business so everyone can enjoy their space here inside The Greenroom without feeling cramped against its walls.

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