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What Are the New Colors for Kitchens in 2022?

Dec 11


Are you curious about the most in-demand cabinet colors and their future plans for 2022, as new kitchens are being built?

These are the 5 most popular painted cabinets colors offers by Kitchen renovation atlanta ga for 2022:

  • White - White remains the most popular choice for kitchen cabinets. White cabinets are timeless and great for resale.
  • Blue - 2022 was a year of blue. This includes any color variation of blue from light blue/gray to deep, dark navy blue. Blues are soft and easy to see and can be paired with many styles.
  • Green - There are many varieties of green on the market, from hunter green to light seafoam, to darker shades. Some greens have a vintage appeal, while others are more modern.
  • Charcoal Gray-Muted shades of charcoal gray are extremely popular as well as muted colors of olive green/gray and slate gray. These colors are often used as accents on islands.
  • Creamy Vanilla and Taupe - These warm neutral tones range from cream to a deep dark taupe. These beautiful colors will be in fashion in 2022!

What other colors will be in fashion for kitchen cabinets in 2022,

These are some of the other top picks for 2022, including the top 5.

What colors are the 2022 designer's favorite cabinet colors?

It should come as no surprise that the classic white cabinet will remain the top-selling cabinet color in kitchens through 2022. White is clean and crisp, it will brighten any kitchen and will never go out of fashion.

What are the choices of the designer for other 2022 painted cabinet colors?

  • Green - Organic and natural, green is the "BIG" color for 2022. Designers love to combine warm green shades with natural wood elements like oak and walnut.
  • Matte Gray – Darker shades will also be in fashion. This trend is hot, whether you want to design a white kitchen with a gray accent or combine your gray cabinets with an earthier design. This trend is modern and very fashionable.
  • Blue - In kitchen designs, we will see vibrant blue shades. This color is used by 7 Day Kitchen as an accent color on an island or hood, or all over.
  • Red - Look out for warm, rich red tones in 2022. Red is expected to make its debut and it is worth paying attention to. As a pop of color, you may also see red shades on kitchen islands and base cabinets.


Which colors should I choose for a move?

You can sell your home and make it available for future buyers if you don't plan on staying. It is best to keep your cabinets white or neutral. It is possible to add color to your kitchen without having it compromise your style or budget.

Which color should I choose for my permanent home?

Have fun with the color choices and consider making this your forever home. Your kitchen will be a place where you spend a lot of your time with your family and friends. Make it yours. You can make your kitchen unique and use the colors that make you happy.